Hi, my name is Heather.

I’m a Professional Christian Life Coach who empowers women to live courageous lives free from shame, guilt, and fear.

Hi, my name is Heather.

I’m a Professional Christian Life Coach who empowers women to live courageous lives free from shame, guilt, and fear.

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One on One Life Coaching



The first step is to get on a FREE consult call with me. This call is for you! On the call we clarify what you really want next. It is my gift for you!


Coaching is a relationship of exploration. We explore what is possible and dream about what could be.


Every call will end in the action steps that you create for yourself. This is where it gets really exciting, because coaching becomes more than just something you talk about. You begin seeing results right away.

What is Life Coaching?

God gave us our minds.
Each mind is a gift to be accepted and managed well. But, we do not automatically know how to manage our minds.
My clients can see that it is possible to have a job you love and care well for your family. It is possible to love your body and feel good in it. It is possible to make good decisions and have a successful career.
But their minds are filled with overwhelm, Mom guilt, confusion, shame, and fear.
And so they get stuck.
As your Life Coach, I help you clarify exactly what you want for your life. I call this “becoming your true self.” Once you have a clear decision on “your true self”, we create a path to get there. Through Life Coaching, you learn that you have the power to decide what you think. You will begin to see failures in a whole new light, not as something to be ashamed of, but a new way to learn and grow. I teach you how to truly celebrate the wins in your life.
After working with me, my clients learn the authority that they have to make decision is a joy, not a chore! They love caring well for themselves. They are successful at work and at home. They become their “true self” instead of becoming what they think others want them to be. And it all begins and continues by making better decisions.

What does it look like to work with me?

Life coaching is a relationship that is built between me and the client. I work with people one on one, over the phone. Clients schedule two or three calls a month. The cost of coaching is decided during the free consultation call. This call is also a way to see if coaching with me is the perfect fit for you.

Will you make me do a program or homework?

I get this question all the time. The short answer is no. Each client creates their own action plan and steps. I offer resources, guides, worksheets, books, podcasts or articles when applicable. But it is completely up to the client to decide what actions or goals they want to create for themselves.


I believe that you are uniquely and wonderfully made. I believe that you have gifts and a calling that NO ONE else has. I believe that the entire world benefits when you show up as who you were created to be. I believe that within you there is immeasurable treasure that sometimes gets blocked by doubt and fear. I believe that you are completely capable of overcoming whatever obstacle may be in front of you. I believe in you.

What People Are Saying

She has taught me simple truths that have transformed the way I see myself and helped me embrace the possibilities that are available for my future. She has incredible sensitivity to God’s voice and his presence is felt on every single call. I am so thankful for Heather!
Schalee Sánchez
Not only did Heather help me logistically think through my emotions, but the way she listened turned a light on for me about several areas of my life. I’m happy to say that my husband and I are both very much at peace with how things have turned out because of the help that I was given through Heather‘s expertise.
Alison Thompson
The coaching calls walked me through a job change after almost eight years in my previous position. Her guidance also helped me be more bold in setting boundaries when I started my new position, which allows me to be more present and less on edge with my family at home.
Susan Orozco
Before coaching, I had misgivings about power and authority. I was uncomfortable with my own power and authority. After working with Heather, I welcome my power and authority as my responsibility to myself and others.
Janice Ingram

Are you overwhelmed by all of the to-do's and shoulds of your life?

Does it seem impossible to become who God truly made you to be and care well for your family?

I’m here to help.
No more overthinking and spinning in confusion.
This is where you can make the decision to start being who you were created to be.


I graduated from college with a BFA in Musical Theater and began teaching High School theater.  It was more than a job to me, it was my identity. After I had my first child, suddenly there was a choice to make. The hardest decision of my life was deciding to stay home (something I had always wanted to do) and trust God (something I thought I knew how to do).
Years later, I learned about life coaching through a podcast, and it sounded a lot like what I was doing with my friends, but without any training or skills. I felt the Lord’s call to go get trained and start coaching. I decided to get training at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.
And everything changed.
I realized that my life was mine to choose and this choice was my God-given authority. The power of coaching scared me and excited me. I began seeing the freedom and joy that my coaching gave to others. Now I have coached hundreds of hours and impacted dozens of clients. I have my Associate Coaching Certification through the International Coaching Federation. And it’s only the beginning.

Fun Facts

I have three astounding children and a dashing husband.
I live in Dallas Texas. I love chocolate, a good book, and singing show tunes.

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